Live Arrival Gaurantee

Every shipment we send comes with our 100% Live Arrival Guarantee(subject to certain conditions as listed), free of any extra charge (save and except shipping fees). This means that if your order arrives with any issues that are out of your control, we will offer store credit in the amount of the loss up to the price you paid for the product in issue.  We do not normally offer refunds in cash. 

Conditions to be met to apply our Live Arrival Guarantee: 

1. First Delivery Attempt - The shipment must be received on the first delivery attempt, or be picked up the day of the first delivery attempt. If you miss the delivery and the package is delayed a day or more because of it, we cannot accept responsibility for any losses. It is your responsibility to check the tracking number for delivery, even if UPS or DHL does not leave a "pink slip" notifying you they tried to deliver the package.

2. Clear Photo or Unboxing Video Provided within 24 hours - If the product in issue is a plant or an animal, you need to send us a clear digital picture of the plant or animal in issue with their names within 24 hours upon receipt. The unboxing video is REQUIRED if there is a missing item(s).

3. Correct Address - The shipment must be sent to the correct delivery address, and not forwarded to another address. P.O.Box is not acceptable as the shipping address. 

4. You care for the plant in the right way – we may ask you questions to make sure that you have followed our guide on how to take care of the creature upon transit.

If ALL conditions of our guarantee are met, we will arrange for the refund of shop credits or cash. Any paid shipping costs or costs for certificates are NO refundable. 

If you have any questions about these guarantee details, please contact us at before ordering.